Focus of Intent & Intending

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Focus of Intent & Intending

New Product Release: NOW Available

What we focus on right now matters. Kristin Viken's new product on "Focus of Intent & Intending" targets finding the things which inspires and serves us and is a key to our intending in life.

But how do we use our ”focus of intent” so we can achieve what we desire and not go into stress and overwhelm. By “Intending”, we can see how our perspective supports us in our choices for our life and how we can apply what we have learned, follow our dreams and acknowledge the lessons in the journey of life. Don’t miss this upcoming presentation and learn more about your intending in life.

Kristin Viken is a senior teacher on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Viken is a Hereditary Lineage Leader of this contemporary shamanic tradition. She’s been teaching for over 20 years and travels extensively worldwide to bring these teachings to the people.