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Abundance: Paying It Forward

By Sarah Tucker Fisher

The expression of “paying it forward” is a contemporary phrase described to illustrate a good deed when it’s passed along to others. It was originally coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book “In the Garden of Delight”.

Most of us have had years of economic prosperity. What we did with it to “pay it forward” to benefit others and to share our financial success matters. This contemporary concept of “paying It forward” and the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path teachings of the 15 Faces of Wealth coincide.

One key to financial abundance is to tithe to others and organizations you care about. This concept of tithing helps us recognize that everything in our life, including our income, has been gifted to us by the Universe and how our gifting is an important aspect to the accumulation of our wealth. 

Below is a calculation based on the SMSD teachings of wealth. Take a look at your overall components of true wealth as you do this calculation. 

1 – Health 

2 – Happiness

3 – Intangible wealth 

4 – Tangible wealth 

5 – Knowledge (i.e. body skills, talents and abilities) 

6 – Non-resistance to stress or change 

7 – An honest assessment and awareness of your economic reality 

8 – Debts 

9 – Needs (reality needs), will (if I don’t have what I want my world is affected) and desires (will not affect my world if I don’t have, but is part of my heart’s desire) for abundance and prosperity. 

10 – Measure of self-worth in all aspects. 

11 – Raw power savings, your mantle of authority. 

12 – Spiritual determination to prevent the corruption of self, life and others through a love of money. 

13 – Ability to intend death, change and personal transformation to accept and deal with the testing and challenge that wealth brings. 

14 – Acceptance of the challenge for excellence within wealth. Refinement of your character.  

15 – Product Image of Self, the wealth of your soul.

New Products: Freewill & Will Power

How do we access our will power?  What do we know about our active will and passive will? Kristin Viken guides us through this presentation of Freewill & Will Power. She discusses the many forms of will power from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and the benefits of accessing the force of freewill. When we harness our will power, we can direct it at targets that will bring us hope and happiness. 

Kristin Viken is a senior medicine teacher on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  This upcoming audio product of Freewill & Will Power will be released July 2019. 

Upcoming Events: Earth Lodge in Germany & Italy

Earth Lodge is an annual summer gathering in the breathtaking landscapes of Germany and Italy. For over 25 years, people have traveled from around the world to attend this event. Earth Lodge is a spiritual oasis that offers Rites of Passage ceremonies, activities and adventures for self discovery and development. It is a transformational vacation for children, teens and adults of all ages.

At Earth Lodge, everyone lives outdoors for a week in these picturesque, natural environments and people can choose to sleep in tents or out under the stars. There are activities, ceremonies and groups for everyone: families, children, adults, couples and individuals.

The Earth Lodge in Italy has found a new home in Maremma, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany! The new location will be hosted at a holiday farm with the surrounding countryside of Monte Antico (“Ancient Mountain”).

Visit  to learn more about Earth Lodge 2019.

Germany Earth Lodge Dates: August 5-11, 2019

Italy Earth Lodge in Tuscany: August 15 – 21, 2019

Abundance: Manifesting Wealth

By Jenny Cornish

How do we welcome and keep abundance in our lives? And how do we treat abundance in all its forms? Do we let it slip by or do we let it come in some forms and not others? How we manifest and welcome abundance into our lives impacts all aspects of how we experience our lives. Many teachings, from so many traditions, teach us that we have all that we need at any given time…. that more is on its way, and yet this is not what we always experience. 

Our own abundance is based on our inner self worth and our own beliefs around success and having enough time, energy and money to fulfil our needs. We have so many limiting beliefs such as an idea that to be poor is somehow noble…

First, we need to know about abundance and wealth in all its forms. Then, we need to look at what limits us from welcoming and accepting what we manifest! One way of knowing how we are at manifesting abundance is to look at areas of our lives and do an honest assessment of where we have strong skills sets and where we do not.

How are we at manifesting abundance in our lives? Some examples are friendship, clothes, love, bank savings, cars and property to name a few. 

The idea is to review the areas that we allow things to flow easily to us and assess where we have blockages to financial abundance. It’s also a good idea to review what stops us from manifesting the things we wish to bring into our lives? Perhaps we all have limiting patterns in some areas.  Some examples of this is the internal dialogue of “I cannot have abundance because”… 

  • My family did not have…
  • I do not deserve…
  • I feel guilty when ….
  • I would be embarrassed….

One simple way to break pattern of lack of abundance is to give more.  It may be to give your energy in service such as random acts of kindness, helping a friend in need, money given in the form of tithing, donations or “paying it forward’.  

The Sweet Medicine SunDance path has many approaches to look at manifesting abundance. Abundance is the naturalness of the Universe. The more one gives, the more abundance returns.

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Contributing editors: Kristin Viken, Sarah Tucker Fisher, Jenny Cornish

Managing Editor: Dianne Reagan