Ceremony – A Key to Self-Care


Ceremony – A Key to Self-Care

By Janneke Koole

Listening to the Knock of Spirit through the two directions of the medicine wheel we explored in the SMSD view on the Coronavirus, we can hear a distinct call to pursue our spiritual connection. We include two different ceremonial options for you. Make them your own and let Spirit nourish and support you at this time.

Listening to Spirit’s Guidance

Sit in a quiet space, connecting in your own way to Great Spirit. Pray to hear Spirit’s Guidance for you at this time. Once connected, ask these three questions:

  1. What is it that I am screaming about, that feels “all wrong to me”, and that I need to understand? Look especially into how you are in relation to your physical body. Listen for the shifts needed in your attitude and approach, particularly in relation to your love of self, life and others.
  2. Ask your Higher Self to shed light on what you know you have been needing to change, to learn, to integrate into changed behavior. Look especially at how you have been choreographing your life – what has taken top priority? And how has that affected your physical world, your health, and your wealth or financial well-being?
  3. Then drop into the deepest place of inner silence and connection. See, feel, or sense how Spirit is calling you back into balance. Spirit is calling you into something far greater than you have feared, assumed, or made into a problem. Spirit is beckoning you to make an evolutionary jump in your dharma book. Reach for it with all of your passion.

Visiting a Wise Tree

Go to a Tree and walk around it clockwise three times, letting it know your intent and heart’s desire. Then sit or stand against the Tree facing each of the four directions, asking the Tree and opening yourself to the messages. Remember, the Tree can only reflect messages of life-giving Beauty and Love. If you hear something that is not life-giving, you are projecting and not listening.

  1. In the south, ask the Tree what is blocking your heart and how you are losing precious life-force energy. Make give-aways so that your heart is clear and open before you move to the next direction.
  2. In the north, ask the Tree which beliefs, fears, assumptions, or rationalizations are creating confusion and falsehoods in your mind. Examine each one to see what it has created in your life. Choose which ones you are ready to release to the winds. In your mind’s eye, place these in the palms of your open hands and then with a definitive breath, blow them out of your circle.
  3. In the west, ask the Tree how to care for your physical body at this time. What foods, rest, relaxation, exercise, etc. are needed to ensure your body’s health? Spend a few moments visualizing a healthy immune system. Call on virulent, powerful “killer T-cells” to take care of any pathogens and virus contaminants. Place your hands on your belly, breathe deeply, drop your energy deep into Grandmother Earth and the roots of the Tree. See yourself healthy!
  4. In the east, ask the Tree to show you the nature of your spiritual determination. Call to the energies of Grandfather Sun and the Stars for a vision of Hope for yourself and your circle of family and loved ones. Extend out to the greater family of humanity only after you are filled with the inspiration of Hope. Let Spirit hear one to three concrete actions you are able and willing to take to be part of the solution on this planet.
  5. Now turn and give the Tree a great big hug! Give thanks with all of your heart and being. Love that Tree and feel it loving you! Offer it a gift and walk into your life with a song in your heart.

Ceremonies designed in response to placing the Coronavirus on our SMSD Wheels and Keys and adapted for Friends of the Deer Tribe – March 2020.

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