The Gift of Water


The Gift of Water

By Janneke Koole

How many times a day do you wash your hands? Many – oh, so many times a day!! Me too!

I live in the desert and the other day I was struck by how much water was running down my drain as I dutifully counted to 20 … goodness me, I thought, if this is multiplied by the number of people living in Phoenix that is an enormous amount of water going down the drain... I shook my head … but the shock of awareness did not shake off my heart.

The next time I washed my hands, I tried something different. I made my hands wet and turned off the tap, soaped up, scrubbed for the dutiful 20 counts, and then turned on the water again. I was flooded with gratitude for the gift of that water!


Precious, life-giving water

Cleansing all

Flowing free

Clean, sparkling, abundant

I thank you


May there be sufficient water for all this day

May those who thirst wet their lips with your gift

May those who are sick be soothed with a drink of your plenty

May those who work tirelessly be quenched by you

May each person diligently washing their hands remember

To give thanks this day for you


Open your heart so it can flow free

Share what you have so there is no lack

Sing, hum, and be glad for this is the day

This is the moment


And we can make a difference in the smallest things that matter

And yes, matters that we wash our hands

And yes, it matters that we wash our hands



Epiphany while washing my hands – March 2020 - Janneke