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Dreaming is one of the many evolutionary tools on the Shamanic Path. Engaging the dream reality has many benefits and opens doorways to a hugely expanded awareness. Don't miss his newly released product, "Dreaming as a Tool for Evolution".

John shares his knowledge and experience on this elusive topic. He is a Lineage Leader of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, a Twisted Hairs Tradition. For more information about dreaming techniques, you can go purchase one of the modules on the "Art of Controlled Dreaming" at


Don't miss other products on the Friends of the Deer Tribe website. These products include Kristin Viken's "Accessing FreeWill"  and "The Wheel of Intending".  Viken explains how do we use our ”Focus of Intent” so we can achieve what we desire and not go into stress and overwhelm. By “Intending”, we can see how our perspective supports us in our choices for our life and how we can apply what we have learned, follow our dreams and acknowledge the lessons in the journey of life.

Kristin Viken is a senior teacher on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Viken is a Hereditary Lineage Leader of this contemporary shamanic tradition. She’s been teaching for over 20 years and travels extensively worldwide to bring these teachings to the people.