SMSD Perspective on the CoronaVirus



SMSD Perspective on the CoronaVirus

By Janneke Koole

In every corner of our world, in every Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) community, people are confronting fundamental assumptions about life and their life style. “The Everything” has changed and no one is yet sure about the outcome of the pandemic. What is happening, really? What is this virus – and how can we best respond?

The question was asked, “What does Sweet Medicine SunDance say about the Coronavirus?” SMSD works with Wheels and Keys and so, we put it on the Wheels, spun the Infinity Movement and examined the Keys to see what we could learn.

Before we hear the song of the disease through our Wheels and Keys, we need to know how this virus works in the body.

Understanding the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is not a bacterium. It is an RNA virus that inserts its RNA into the cells in our body and then uses the RNA of that cell to replicate.

The coronavirus is transmitted from person to person via droplet transmission – a sneeze or a cough sends the virus out into the air. It then drops and lands on many surfaces where our hands pick it up. Because of its nature, it is spread very easily. And, once contaminated, we spread it even though we might be asymptomatic. The fatty layer of the virus droplets attaches to the skin. The good news is that soap (any soap or detergent) has the ability to crack the envelope of the virus and prevent further shedding (replication). Thorough handwashing detaches the virus from the skin.

A great YouTube to watch is How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus). This YouTube was created with and for children – it’s simple and makes it graphically clear how hand-washing makes a difference!

What does the Virus look like and how does it Function?

This is an image from a scanning electron microscope – the SARS COV-2 are orange/yellow and they are shown emerging from the surface of the cells (in grey). This specimen was taken from a patient in the U-S and cultured in a lab (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Rocky Mountain Laboratories).




The virus is called a coronavirus because it has “spikes” on its external coat that form a crown.

These spikes attach themselves to receptor sites of the alveoli cells of the lungs (its favored location). Once it has used the cell as a factory to reproduce, it leaves the cell creating “viral shedding” (many more coronavirus cells) and continues to spread.

Hearing the “Song of the Affliction” and the “Knock of Spirit”

An intricate working with the Healing Paradigm’s Wheels and Keys reveals the “Song of the Affliction” and the “Knock of Spirit” for any illness or disease. The “song” tells us what is wrong, how it got to be this way, and what we are being asked to learn, to change, or to do about it. The “knock” is a call from Spirit to return to balance and harmony. It is the spiritual cause and so reflects that Spirit has heard us and our Higher Self knows what we are trying to learn. The “knock” is always an invitation to find a new way, re-directing our focus into a creative solution.

Because this virus has two stages, we will share insights gained from two directions. The first stage has to do with the initial contamination and how the Immune System of the body responds. The second stage occurs when a compromised Immune System is unable to ward off the virus and it lands in the Respiratory System, creating an acute condition of grave concern.

Stage One: Our Immune System responds to the Alarm

What happens when the Immune System is called into action? What are we asked to pay attention to at this time? Many reports indicate that the contamination has spread “everywhere” and “everyone” may be the carrier of this virus, therefore, this message is important for all of us.

SMSD reveals the Song of the Affliction

When the Immune System is called into action our inner concept of self is challenged. Do we have what it takes to overcome this virus or will it overcome us? Immediately, our attention goes to what we believe or understand about the virus and what we can or must do about it. Unless we have a resilient mind and body, we will naturally experience fear. This fear can go two ways: it can move us into taking corrective actions OR it can immobilize us into a worry and self-doubt. When the latter happens, the body begins to “sing” louder. In fact, we say it “screams” at us to listen and change: what is needed to feed and nourish our Immune System? The Song of the Affliction calls us to pay attention to our physical body so that we can shed a light on what is needed at this time. Listen deeply, take right action, flood the immune system with good nutritional and supplemental support, and the body knows how to heal itself.

SMSD reveals the Knock of Spirit

This knock reveals a powerful invitation, a spiritual call to awaken, balance, and restore harmony. Whether we like it or not, we are asked to re-create our lifestyle. Enough already being overwhelmed by stress and complaining about not having enough time. Our bodies are the vehicle (think mobile home) for our spirit. Our Higher Self invites us to remember we are at choice in HOW we respond in any situation, including this one. Let’s make the pursuit of Spirit our most determinative quest. Let’s make our spiritual self-growth and development the focus of our Hope. Let’s dedicate ourselves to becoming wise in HOW we design our energy, our everyday choices.

Perhaps Charles Dickens, in A Tale of Two Cities, also looked into this question when he said:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Stage Two: Our Respiratory System is in Serious Danger

When a compromised Immune System is not successful in warding off the virus and preventing it from lodging into the lung, the message from the body intensifies. This stage demands immediate attention and medical intervention.

SMSD reveals the Song of the Affliction

Once the virus has lodged in the Respiratory System and our oxygenation is limited, the song intensifies into a battle for the breath of life. When our breath is limited, going about our everyday life becomes limited. Nothing is as it once was and very little of what surrounds us makes sense to us. Fear easily grips our attitude. Our perspectives and concepts of self and life become completely colored by the congestion in our lungs. Desperation is often the name of this song.

This pandemic is challenging our entire world view model. Once it goes to the stage of attacking the respiratory system, our very physical existence is put to the test.

SMSD reveals the Knock of Spirit

This knock is clear: when you cannot change what is happening, you can still change your attitude and approach. Spirit beckons us to keep our eyes on the light. The physical becomes super important – what we touch, what we eat, where and how we rest and spend our days, how we care for our body and physical surroundings. Small things make all the difference. The invitation is to remember that we are greater than our physical, we are greater than we imagined ourselves to be. Even when we are struggling for our next breath, we are invited to keep our eyes on the Light of Lights. Going deep inside the cocoon, we will emerge as the butterfly!

In Closing

Notice the relationship between these two stages and listen deeply. Just as the physical symptoms have definitely escalated – from the immune system’s defense to the virus’ attack on the respiratory system – the Knock of Spirit has also become louder and stronger.

Although we may be quarantined in order to mitigate the spread of the virus, we have an opportunity to choose to utilize this nesting time to listen deeply and to choose to evolve into a better human being.

A friend sent me this quote, describing how Spirit is present “in every home, sitting beside each child, and in the nervous heart of every adult … knowing that this unfolding pandemic, like all crises, will ultimately awaken your spirit, rearrange your priorities, draw you together, and inspire an everlasting compassion.”

Excerpted from a Lineage Address – April 2020. All Rights Reserved to DTMMS – materials cannot be used without explicit and written permission.