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The Magickal Measure of 10

Updated by Ingrid Liepa

What happens when we step fully into the stream of life? The Universe pays attention!  And when we gain this attention, our own stream of life flows that much more easily and powerfully.

Tithing is one of the ways that we can step into this stream and enjoy the gifts of its return. Each time energy returns to its source, it is amplified 10-fold because it has gone through 10 distinct movements along the way. In this way, tithing puts us in alignment with how energy moves through the Universe. Stated simply, the energy that goes out will always fold back on itself.

In the world of economics, this tells us that when we tithe 10% of our income, the Universe returns it to us multiplied 10-fold. In this way, tithing is a fertile seed of wealth renewal through giving. What’s more, the power of a tithe is enhanced when it is offered not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a genuine desire to be in alignment with the energies of the Universe.

Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance viewpoint, the “who to” options in tithing are endless, ranging from giving to charitable organizations to random acts of kindness like giving money to a perfect stranger. What kind of tithing will make your heart sing?

At its core, tithing is an act of self worth, self-deservement and co-empowerment. It’s a time-honored way to step into the stream of life and announce your presence and commitment to that stream.

And what matters most is the act of tithing and your own curiosity to learn about how this brings you into greater alignment with the energies of the Universe. Are you ready to begin?